If you are looking for a cozy and affordable stay in Taipei city, this hostel will give you the best value. It is the very first hostel in all of Taiwan. It's got character, charm, and lots of friendly staff members, as well as, travelers to meet.

Dorm Bunk


Each room provides a bathroom, refrigerator, a locker per person, fans, and AC. There are a total of three dorm rooms; one for males (8), one for females (6), and one is co-ed. No deposit necessary, 3 month minimum.

6500NT per month

AC is free in dorm units

Single Room


Each single room can accommodate only one resident at a time. This unit will have a shared refrigerator and bathroom. You can get fresh linen every day, if you wish.

11000NT per month

AC: 100NT/8 hrs or 150NT/12 hrs

Double Room


Double rooms are cozy, spacious, and offer natural sunlight throughout the day. Some units offer private bathrooms.These rooms are ideal for privacy.

19000NT per month

AC: 100NT/8 hrs or 150NT/12 hrs

Group Room


The spacious room is suitable for four people. There is a private terrace, extra shelving, and full size beds with clean linen which can be changed every day upon request.

27000NT per month

AC: 100NT/8 hrs or 150NT/12 hrs