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           Everyone knows that Taiwan is an economic powerhouse. It's GDP ranks it as the 14th largest economy in world. Not bad, considering you can fly from one end of the island to the other in less than an hour. But, what isn't known, is that there is a lot to do and see in Taiwan. It is the goal of Taipei Hostel to help educate the world as to all the amazing things that you can see and do in Taiwan. If you are a first time visitor of Taipei, come meet other backpackers, travelers, and groups from all over the world at Taipei Hostel and start your journey of adventure with us on this magnificent island!

Night Markets


  • ShiLin NM

  • RaoHe NM

  • Gongguan NM

  • Shida NM

  • Tonghua NM

  • HuaXi NM

  • FengJia NM



  • 228 Peace Memorial Park

  • Daan Forest Park

  • Yangmingshan National Park

  • Taipei Expo Park

  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park

  • Songshan Cultural Creative Park

  • Taipei Botanical Garden



  • WuFenPu

  • XiMenDing

  • Eslite XinYi

  • Core Pacific Living Mall

  • Breeze Center

  • Taipei City Mall

  • GuangHua Digital Plaza



  • National Palace Museum

  • Museum on Contemporary Art

  • Taipei Fine Arts Museum

  • Jut Art Museum

  • National Museum of History

  • National 228 Memorial Museum

  • Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

Hot Springs


  • BaYan Wild Hot Spring

  • BeiTou Hot Springs District

  • WuLai Hot Springs District

  • GuanZiLing Hot Spring

  • YangMingShan Hot Spring

  • Chaojih Hot Spring

  • LiSong Hot Spring


  • XiangShan 

  • HuangZuiShan

  • WuLiaoJian Hiking Trail

  • Teapot Mountain

  • SanDiaoLing Waterfall Trail

  • YehLiu GeoPark

  • CaoLing Historic Trail


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